Creative Services

Creative Services

Copy and design is about more than sounding or looking good. Our copywriters and designers create high-quality work focused on the project's objectives, audiences and desired outcomes. We do this to help raise awareness about the university, elevate its academic profile and draw attention to the impact our students, alumni, faculty and staff have locally and globally.

We adhere to the Creighton University Brand Standards to maintain a consistent Creighton voice and visual identify on every project. Examples of projects include brochures, invitations, posters and programs.

We welcome work from all faculty and staff departments of Creighton University, but please review our process, policies and tips to make the most of our free services.

Request Forms

Use the Project Request Form for project, story, event, video, or photography requests. Use the Web Request Form to submit updates to your external web pages. Use the Faculty Photos & Tagging Request to send in photo submissions or request tagging for faculty profiles.

Our Process (in 10 steps)

  1. Client completes project request.
  2. Project manager responds within 48 hours to clarify details and schedule project.
  3. Copywriter writes/reviews content; Designer designs project.
  4. Creative director and copywriter review project.
  5. Project manager sends project to client for first of two rounds of reviews.
  6. Client provides feedback; designer and copywriter incorporate feedback.
  7. Project returns to client for second round of review.
  8. Feedback is incorporated; Creative director reviews.
  9. Project manager sends project to client for final review.
  10. Client approves and sends project to print.

Our Policies

Project Time

  • Three-four weeks for requested new work.
  • Two weeks for updates to existing work.


  • 100% content (or direction if we are providing content).
  • Do not submit a project as a placeholder for upcoming needs; it will not be approved.


  • Maximum of two rounds for revisions. Be sure to include consolidated edits for efficiency.


  • All communication should be through the UCOM project manager, or Wrike if you have been granted access.
  • One point of contact for approvals/questions from your department.
  • No response after 30 days' silence from a department will result in the project being archived.


What can I do to have a successful project? Plan ahead. We know that is not always possible, but for us to do our best work, please allow three to four weeks.

Discern your goals in advance. If the boss says "I need a brochure," the first thing to do is to ask what she or he wants to accomplish. What do you want people to do? Who is your audience? Advance noodling on these topics will help us develop an effective solution.

Meet deadlines and give timely response. We've all been guilty of this, but one of the biggest reasons projects fail is deadlines are not met to provide content or respond to drafts. If deadlines are missed, your project may be delayed or cancelled. Pro tip: Assign one person to be the point of contact for the project.

Give clear, concise and honest feedback. We can take it if you don't like something, but it is helpful to have constructive feedback that provides direction for the best results.

Logos and marks

The Creighton University logo is the primary visual identifier for our institution and is an established mark that offers credibility. Our logo is the single, strongest visual representation for the University and is how the world sees and recognizes us. 

Logo files are available for download.

Please refer to the Creighton University Brand Standards for details on use of logos and marks.

Branded Icons

Branded Icon ExampleIcons can be used to help communicate information or add visual interest. Though usually small, these are an important element of a piece of content. To maintain consistency, the creative team has developed a library of branded icons for use throughout the University. 

Access the icons.

Brand Standards

Our brand is more than our name or logo. It's the way we look, act and speak. University Communications and Marketing builds and protects Creighton's brand position and identity. 

Please refer to the Creighton University Brand Standards for details on our branded typography, colors, campus maps and much more.


The Creighton University Athletics Department has its own approved logos and marks. 

Please refer to the Athletics Brand Guide for more details on the logos. 

For more information on Creighton Athletics marketing, contact: Jason Baum, Senior Associate Athletic Director, at 402.280.5810.

Business Cards, Letterheads and Envelopes

Presswise is a web-based order request tool that interfaces with Bluejay Print and Post to take care of all your printing needs. Use this tool to order branded stationary and request custom print jobs. Log in to Presswise

Electronic Letterhead in Microsoft Word

To create your own electronic letterhead in Microsoft Word, start by creating a letterhead image (PDF). Log in to Presswise, click Submit a Job, click your area in the Templates section on the left, choose your letterhead, fill in the information, click PDF proof and save the PDF file. To turn this into a Word letterhead, follow the directions for a Mac user or a PC user (these two videos are only available to the Creighton community, and can only be viewed on campus or by using the Creighton VPN.) To save this for easy future use, just "Save as Template" and then choose "New From Template" when you want to use it later. You can also download a ready-to-use Creighton University letterhead.

Email Signatures

We recommend using the branded email signature. You can copy the branded signatures from this Word document. Templates are available for each school and college, and for other divisions. Copy the signature and then fill in your information and use the appropriate logo. Follow the instructions to install and edit your Creighton email signature (video): MacPC

Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template

Creighton University branded org chart template for PowerPoint. Download the template and instructions as a zip file.

PowerPoint Template

Creighton University branded PowerPoint templates are available to download for your use in presentations.

Powerpoint tutorial videos:

Research Poster Presentation Templates

Residents, fellows, students, and faculty can present their research in a branded PowerPoint. Poster templates are available with the Creighton University logo and the Creighton Alliance logo.

Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom allows you to upload your own image to use as a virtual background during meetings. A general Creighton University background is available, and there are also backgrounds for each college and school. Please note that backgrounds work best when Zoom can easily detect the difference between you and your surroundings.


Current Creighton students interested in the creative side of marketing and advertising gain hands-on experience as interns. Students have the chance to positively impact the University and build up their portfolio as they work alongside our copywriter and graphic design staff members. 

For more information on how to apply, contact Shannon Johnson:

Bluejay Print and Post

Bluejay Print and Post, the University's go-to print service, is an integral part of the creative process. The Bluejay Print and Post team handles all of Creighton's digital print needs. 

Please contact them directly if you have questions about the printing of your project. 
Phone: 402.280.2515