Living Off-Campus

Resources to make Creighton your home away from home.

Commuter students on the mall

Whether you’ve never lived on-campus or just left the residence halls, if you live off-campus, you’re a commuter student!  

Creighton’s Commuter Programs increase the visibility of campus resources that available to you. Throughout the year, look for a variety of commuter-focused programs. Click here to see what’s coming soon.

The Commuter Student Peer Mentor Program will connect incoming commuter students with current and continuing commuter students. If you’re an incoming freshman planning to live off-campus, consider signing up for the program here. To learn more about orientation, click here.

If you commute to campus, check out these resources:

  • Roommate Agreement: Any time you’re living with new people, it’s a good practice to complete a living agreement.
  • Renting and Leasing Guide: If you’re planning on moving into an apartment or house, consider reviewing PDF icon this guide.
  • Budget Guides: Transitioning to off-campus living can be an adjustment socially, but also financially. Use PDF icon this guide to promote your financial wellness.  
  • Winter Prep Guide: If you live off-campus, make sure you’re prepared for the Omaha winter with PDF icon this guide.
  • Commuter News: As a student who lives off-campus, each month you’ll receive a newsletter with tips on living, events happening in the community, and other resources to enhance your off-campus living experience. 

And familiarize yourself with these parts of the commuter experience:

Transportation on and off campus

Parking Information 

All students are welcome to bring their cars to campus in so long as they purchase a parking pass. Learn more about parking lot access, parking passes and more here.

Public Transportation

Omaha’s Metro bus system can take you all across the city. Learn more about routes, how to ride and more here. And, stop by the Student Leadership and Involvement Center, Skutt Student Center 120, to inquire about free buses passes offered by Creighton Students Union.

Bluejay Shuttle

Creighton offers a free shuttle services to locations all around campus and in the neighborhoods west of campus. Learn more about the shuttle route and where you can catch a ride here.


Between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m., JayRide is a free taxi service provided to students. Call JayRide at 402.546.8294 for a free ride on campus and in the area immediately surrounding. Learn more here.


If you need a car for a short period of time, you can rent a ZipCar at an hourly rate. ZipCars are parked at the center of campus outside the Lied Education Center for the Arts. Learn more here.

On-Campus Spaces and Resources

Lounge Spaces

If you’re on campus for an extended period of time or are in between classes, consider stopping by any of these spaces on campus: 

Dining Options

On-Campus Dining Choices

Traditional dining halls and retail dining options are open to all students, whether or not you have a meal plan. See the options and what’s open now here.

Commuter Student Meal Plan

Even if you don’t live on campus, you’re welcome to purchase one of two meal plan options. Once you’ve decided on a meal plan, you may change or add your plan selection via the NEST

Creighton Cupboard

While food insecurity isn’t always easily noticeable, it’s an issue that impacts a significant number of college students. If you’re having trouble consistently affording a healthy diet, the Creighton Cupboard may be a resource for you.

Neighborhood Connections

Neighborhood Engagement

You’ll be a part of the Creighton community no matter where you live, but you’ll also be part of a neighborhood community. Use this resource to learn about how you can become an active and engaged member of your current or future neighborhood.

Good Neighbor Guidelines

Living off-campus means representing Creighton in local communities, which incurs the responsibility to be a good neighbor. Learn about how to be a good neighbor here.

Orientation Programs

Be sure to connect with your Dean’s Office to learn about your college’s specific recommendations for orientation. Undergraduate students are encouraged to attend:

Summer Preview

Summer Preview is Creighton’s summer orientation program, designed to provide you with everything you need for a great transition to college. Undergraduate commuter students are welcome at any of the four sessions, but are especially welcome at the second session to get connected with fellow commuter students.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is an important part of transitioning to Creighton, but it can be difficult to balance the schedule as a commuter student. Undergraduate commuter students are welcome to, but are not required to, attend all of the Welcome Week programs – but are required to attend the following programs. Check the Creighton Guidebook for an up to date Welcome Week schedule and full event details.

  • Commuter Student Welcome
  • RSP Welcome Session for Students and Families 
  • Be a Bluejay 
  • The Event
  • Called to Creighton 
  • CU Survival 
  • Creighton For and With Others 

Getting Involved

CU Involved

CU Involved is Creighton’s hub for on-campus opportunities. Learn about student organizations and browse upcoming events here.

Student News

All students receive a bi-weekly email newsletter highlighting upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, free food, and more. Be sure to check your inbox!

Coffee with Commuters

Coffee with Commuters is a program designed to connect commuter students with one another and opportunities on campus. Come grab a cup of coffee at one of the upcoming events