Roommate Selection Process

The Roommate Selection Process.

Find a roommate

When it’s time to recontract for next year’s on-campus housing, you’ll need to be sure your roommate group is configured correctly. Review the information below about how to accomplish this process for the roommates and room options you desire.

Using the Roommate Search Features

Join a group: Use this feature when you know the specific group you want to join + the password to join the group. 

Search Roommates by Detail: You can search for individuals by NetID, screen name, or words in their description line. 

Search Roommates by Profiles: You search by any number of questions on the Profile. For instance, cleanliness levels, bedtime, study habits, etc. The more questions filtered, the less results appear. 

Suggest Roommates: The system will populate suggested roommates for you based on profile matches. Use this as a means to find potential roommates to reach out to! 

*Note that a match anywhere between 50%-70% is a good match!
*You will only be able to search for a roommate once that individual has completed their application.

Roommate Group Creation

Groups must consist of two, three, or four students and must be verified in order to receive a selection time. 

You can find the “Request Roommate” option next to students you identify through the roommate search features. PLEASE NOTE: Only one roommate request will be honored.

On the main “Roommate Requests” page, you can see your pending (or accepted) roommate requests. You will also receive an email when you receive a roommate request or a response to your sent roommate request.

Once all members have joined the Roommate Group, the group leader will need to verify the group in order to finalize the process.

Group sizes and group members can be altered at any time prior to the close of the housing application. All changes to groups will pause at the conclusion of the application process and can resume once lottery times have been assigned.

Room Selection Timeslots

Only the group leader will select a room at the assigned lottery time.

Timeslots are assigned to every individual, so even if you change groups, your time slot remains the same. However, it is the timeslot of the group leader that dictates your true sign-up time.

Roommate Group Sizes and Room Options

Kenefick: 2 people/apartment (Efficiency and One Bedroom apartments)

Heider: 2 people/apartment (Efficiency, Small 1 Bedroom*, Large 1 Bedroom*), 4 people/apartment (Suite Double)

McGloin: 4 people/apartment (Double)

Davis: 2-BR*, 3-BR*, 4-BR

*indicates less than 20 available apartments of this size

Items to Consider

If your group leader is unable to select your room assignments at the assigned lottery time, you can change your group leader to better accommodate schedules. 

Compare your roommate group size to available room types in each building. Make sure your group size matches what the buildings have to offer. 

Create a backup plan. Your preferred building or room size may not be available at your lottery time. Make sure your group has options should you need to adjust your plan.