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Have a maintenance concern?

If something in your building needs attention, please contact your designated Facilities Liaison in your area to submit a request using the Service Request Form. Requestors must be set up in the program and sign in to submit requests.

You may also call 280-2780 for emergencies.

Our Mission

As professional employees, we support Creighton's mission by providing quality services and the management of physical assets, and the stewardship of resources in accordance with University polices, values, regulatory requirements, and best practices.

Facilities Management is committed to:

  1. Conducting operations in a manner which demonstrates a high standard of personal integrity and organizational ethics.
  2. Acquiring and retaining high quality, well-trained employees.
  3. Developing and adhering to practices which conserve natural resources, promote the use of reusable resources, and protect the environment.
  4. Emphasizing a customer and community service - oriented approach.
  5. Developing and implementing programs and plans that optimize the
    utilization of buildings and land.
  6. Enhancing the appearance of campus to attract new students and employees and to facilitate educational delivery.

Is Your Area Cold?

Submit a work ticket to facilitieswo@creighton.edu or give the office a call at 402-280-2780. While some areas may be controlled remotely, there could be issues with the system to your space. Facilities will check the units and confirm if they are running as scheduled. Contacting Facilities Management is required prior to setting up and purchasing a space heater so that we can verify there are no issues with the systems.

Avoid using personal space heaters. Such heating units use a lot of energy, cause breakers to trip, and are dangerous when left unattended. One space heater can consume the same amount of power that it would take to run FIFTY-SIX (56) four-foot fluorescent lamps! The average space heater consumes about 93% of the load a 20-amp circuit breaker can handle. Combined with the use of another appliance (such as a personal computer), a space heater can cause the circuit breaker to trip. If not properly safeguarded, such sudden power outages can damage electronic equipment and cause data loss.


Facilities Management

Derek M. Scott
Associate Vice President

Facilities Management Building

1006 N 20th Street
Phone: (402) 280-2780
Fax: (402) 280-2358




Creighton University is committed to continually improving our management of energy resources, which reduces both operating costs and related forms of pollution. We are proud to be part of the family of businesses who have joined with ENERGY STAR.