Public Relations

Public Relations

We are a dedicated team of communications and public relations specialists who work daily with news outlets to promote and support the academic mission of Creighton University.

We publicize the ways that Creighton faculty, staff, students and alumni are making a difference and tell those stories by:

  • Promoting events, lectures and other activities of the University
  • Offering expert commentary on issues, events or topics of interest
  • Crafting news releases and distributing them
  • Pitching stories to local, regional and national

In addition, we handle crisis communications for Creighton, in conjunction with the University's Critical Incident Report Response Team.

General Information for the Media

  • All media interviews should be coordinated by the public relations team. Contact us prior to attending an event or visiting campus to cover a story.
  • We must authorize use of Creighton photography in news publications.
  • Media are encouraged to wear a badge or similar credential while on campus.

Request Forms

Use the Project Request Form for project, story, event, video, or photography requests. Use the Web Request Form to submit updates to your external web pages. Use the Faculty Photos & Tagging Request to send in photo submissions or request tagging for faculty profiles.

Photography and Video

Use of Creighton photographs in news articles and publications must be authorized by University Communications and Marketing. 

The use of still or video images from the campus for advocacy of political positions or candidacies is prohibited. 

Use the below form to obtain permission from subjects of photography/video for promotional purposes: 

Photographs of the Creighton University campus, students and activities are available upon request.

Access to Campus and the Use of Photography and Video

Media must request access to enter campus; however, media can film on public locations around campus such as 24th street. 

Entry to the University including classrooms, offices, malls and places of worship by media must be cleared with the University in advance. Access to all residence halls is strictly prohibited without prior permission. 

In times of emergency, all the above regulations and policies may be suspended or altered.

Media Attending Events at Creighton University

Media should contact us prior to attending an event as part of their news coverage. This will enable us to provide additional background information and make arrangements for parking. 

To set up sound and video for lectures or similar activities, we require advance notice.

Commercial Use of Creighton Facilities

Creighton protects its name and landmarks from inappropriate commercial use. We strive to cooperate with film and video producers desiring to use Creighton facilities when their activities serve the University's mission and interests.

Requests are to be sent to our public relations team. We will notify the requestor of our decision and be the main point of contact for the production company and University offices.

Public Relations Resources