UTM Tracking

UTM Tracking


Beth Cavanaugh
Director of Web Strategy

Digital Marketing

In effort to track our digital marketing efforts across campus we have created a standardized procedure for tracking campaigns and digital posts.

What types of digital marketing content should be tracked?

  • If you use advertising budget to post something online
  • If you have a call to action and want to track user engagement

What is used to track digital campaigns?

We use UTM codes which stands for: Urchin tracking module. This is special code attached to your URL that gives Google Analytics more information. In turn we can reference the UTM code used for a specific marketing campaign and track user engagement.

Why do UTMs matter?

They give us a way to measure traffic and conversions and each UTM link that is created through our UTM link builder is added into our UTM database.

This way we have a standardized process of tracking digital marketing efforts across campus.

To create your UTM link, simply click the UTM builder link and follow the instructions. Copy and paste your UTM link that was generated at the end and use that URL when placing a link used in a digital marketing campaign.

UTM Builder

If you have any questions please contact webmarketing@creighton.edu.