URL Naming Policy

URL Naming Policy

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Beth Cavanaugh
Director of Web Strategy

Naming Policy

Before requesting Creighton.edu vanity URLs, please note the policy below. These guidelines provide transparency to the review process and help minimize the use of subdomains where possible.

Main Domain

All university sites should use this domain: www.creighton.edu

    Not acceptable: www.cu.department.com


Acceptable Use:

  • External sites for official university sites only (authoritative or vanity URLs) i.e. sites on vendor platforms, such as alumni.creighton.edu)
  • External funded ad campaign/revenue opportunities (authoritative or vanity)
  • The software or service dictates (Off-the-shelf applications)
  • Audience dictates i.e. grad programs known consumer behavior

Unacceptable Use:

  • Internal sites (authoritative or vanity) i.e. administrative or academic depts. - audience is primarily current students/faculty/staff
  • Non-funded or internal campaign (authoritative or vanity)
  • Off-the-shelf applications for only vanity purposes
  • Non-top level Drupal if they don't meet other above requirements

How to Submit a Request

A University entity may request a subdomain by sending a request to webmarketing@creighton.edu. Approvers will approve or deny the request within 10 University working days and will notify you via email upon decision.

Approval is given by University Communications and Marketing and DoIT.