Social Media

Social Media

Social media is an excellent tool for interacting with and educating students, parents, staff, alumni and friends of Creighton. But, as with other marketing tactics, it is important to have a plan in place before using the platform.

Before posting, be aware of who your audience is and what they care about. Outline the goals and key message you want to deliver to that audience to appropriately measure success.

Good social content is consistent with the University's branding, but less formal than other published communications. Good social content is also unique to your account while engaging to your audience.

For more detail, please review the University Social Media Guidelines.

University Marketing and Communications maintains and manages the presence of the following primary accounts for Creighton:

Request Forms

Use the Project Request Form for project, story, event, video, or photography requests. Use the Web Request Form to submit updates to your external web pages. Use the Faculty Photos & Tagging Request to send in photo submissions or request tagging for faculty profiles.

Creighton Images for Social Media

Creighton University supplies various images for your social media needs. Please choose from the following applications: