Student Resources


Student Resources

As you complete your education in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, you’re not alone. We offer various services and resources to ensure you have a successful experience at Creighton.     

Expand the sections below to learn more about the student support resources we offer.

Student use forms

Peer Alert and Self Referral

Studies show that active intervention is the most effective method of supporting students’ success.

The Peer Alert and Self Referral Form is part of our Student Tracking And Retention System (STARS). It solicits input from students to alert personnel in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA) when students are struggling. This form will help you or your fellow students get needed help and connect to campus-wide resources.

Please let us know if you or a fellow student is struggling in a course or experiencing personal difficulties. We will contact the student discreetly and check in with them to see if there is any assistance we can provide. The source of the referral will be kept strictly confidential and not revealed to the student of concern. Depending on the nature of the concern, a referral may be sent to a School chaplain.

Use this tool if you or a fellow student:

  • Has experienced a recent death of a relative or close friend
  • Terminated a significant relationship
  • Is struggling academically
  • Is struggling financially
  • Has missed class frequently or is not attending at all
  • Is socially isolated
  • You suspect alcohol or drug abuse
  • Is struggling with self-identity
  • Is showing troubling behavior (persistent sadness/crying, suicidal thoughts / comments, aggressiveness, etc.)

Temporary Withdrawal

A temporary withdrawal is a planned interruption in a student’s formal education program. It is normally short term (one or two semesters) and designed for full-time students in good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above). The principal advantage of a temporary withdrawal is that it offers a student the opportunity to leave school temporarily with the assurance that studies can be resumed with minimal administrative difficulty.

To initiate a temporary withdrawal, the student should discuss his/her plans with the faculty advisor and then make a formal request in writing to the associate dean for academic affairs (traditional students) or the appropriate post-professional pathway director (physical therapy, occupational therapy or pharmacy), explaining why the temporary withdrawal is needed and the expected date of return to school. Approval or denial of the request will be provided, in writing, by the associate dean for academic affairs.

Students should be advised that a temporary withdrawal initiated mid-semester may result in loss of tuition. Students who begin their temporary withdrawal in the middle of the semester will be withdrawn from the courses they leave and must re-register for (and retake) any of the courses that are required upon their return. This will necessitate the repayment of tuition for those courses. Students on temporary withdrawal will not be classified as enrolled students by the University; however, they will be eligible for limited transitional services of the University Counseling Center, the Career Planning and Placement Center and have limited use of library facilities. For the purpose of internship, a pharmacy student on temporary withdrawal will be classified as an enrolled student by the School.

Click here to access the temporary withdrawal request form.

Student Room Scheduling

Student Organizations and Other Meetings

Student organizations, classes and other special topic meetings may use the lunch hour slot on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday to conduct their meetings on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on the intended audience of a meeting, special topic meetings may not be scheduled if they conflict with a previously scheduled student organization or class meeting.

Administrative Scheduling

The lunch hour slot on Thursday is protected each week for administratively scheduled events involving students such as Dean’s meetings with class presidents, meetings of the Pharmacy and Health Professions Student Government (PHPSG) Board or PHPSG Executive Leadership, clinical coordinator meetings with students, immunization clinics, financial aid sessions and town hall meetings.

School/Program Committee Scheduling

School/program committee meetings have priority scheduling during the lunch hour slot on any Tuesday or Friday.

Scheduling Space for Student Organizations and Classes

All space used by student organizations and classes in SPAHP must be reserved through Centralized Reservations.

Contact Public Safety at 280-2104 to open a classroom after regular hours.


Emergency Loans

If you need an emergency loan, please complete the Creighton Electronic Loan Application.You’ll be able to complete and review your application for either an emergency, short-term loan or for an institutional, long-term loan. If approved, you will then be permitted to electronically sign and submit the promissory note required to receive the funds you are requested.

Contact Shawn Cook in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs at shawncook [at] creighton [dot] edu if you have questions about the process of applying for a loan.

Online Proctor Testing

The Online Proctor Testing Issues (OPTI) form provides students a process to request an online proctoring session follow-up. The Office of Distance Education and the Office of Academic and Student Affairs manages this process and will review submissions to ensure issues are addressed and quality assurance maintained.

This process occurs after you have completed your exam. If you have any issues during your exam, always call the exam hotline at 402-280-5665.