Student Organizations


Leadership Development

Open to all School of Pharmacy and Health Professions students, Student Government and the Leadership Program are great ways to develop your leadership skills, whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out in your health care career. Develop personally and professionally, learn to be an advocate, discover the importance of interprofessional experiences and be a leader at Creighton.

Student Government/Organizations

Get involved in the Pharmacy and Health Professions Student Government (PHPSG) and take an active role in shaping your academic experience and career.

Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

The PHPSG was established to represent all School Pharmacy and Health Professions students. Promote leadership, professionalism and service in all campus and distance-learning programs. Drive initiatives that encourage community outreach and expand the influence of pharmacy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Your involvement matters.

Get “CU Involved”

CU Involved is the backbone of the PHPSG. Visit the site to learn more about student organizations, classes and officers, leadership opportunities, meet our officers and read the latest news and updates. 


Other Student Organizations

The School of Pharmacy and Health Professions has the most active student body in the country and our student organizations drive the professional involvement in each program.

A school-wide officer orientation is held for all of these groups each fall, bringing with it the opportunity to work interprofessionally and set the tone for the year.

Emerging Leaders

In five weeks, the Emerging Leaders Program will help you develop personally and professionally. The self-knowledge and skills you gain throughout the program will allow you to serve and work collaboratively with others while facilitating positive social change.

Each spring, SPAHP faculty, staff and peers identify and select future leaders to further develop their leadership skills. Students may also nominate themselves to participate in the program. 

Learn more about the Emerging Leaders Program or expand the sections below to explore additional leadership opportunities at Creighton.


Student ambassadors are the “first face” of the School at special events including welcome week, graduate recognition and hooding ceremony, professionalism ceremony and interview days. The selected students are required to attend special training to assist with events.