Academic & Student Affairs Office


Office of Academic and Student Affairs

The mission of the Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA) is to ensure the highest academic standards within academic programs of the School and to provide leadership, services and opportunities that enable students to succeed in and contribute to a diverse and global society as caring, ethical and knowledgeable healthcare professionals. This mission will be accomplished by our commitment to working with administration, faculty, students and staff to:

  • Deliver high-quality services to students that meet their academic, leadership and career goals through collaboration with faculty and other campus departments
  • Identify and address evolving student needs in a changing environment
  • Contribute to a supportive and professional learning environment
  • Provide academic support systems to increase student retention and encourage excellence in their educational progress
  • Celebrate diversity within the School’s community
  • Collaborate with all constituencies within the University to increase enrollment and improve the quality of the student experience
  • Help students assume responsibility for their educational decisions and experiences
  • Ensure that the School’s academic and non-academic policies are consistently upheld in a manner that is fair and sensitive to students’ needs
  • Address the needs of greater community constituencies through programs, services and other resources