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InfoEd Guides

InfoEd User Access Guide
Instructions for accessing InfoEd and locating protocol submission records.

Initial Application
Instruction for creating and submitting an initial application.

CVs and Licenses
Adding a CV and professional licenses to your profile.

Approving a routing submission
Instructions for personnel to approve and sign off on a project.

Modification Submission
Instructions for submitting a modification.

Reportable New Information
Instructions for submitting a new reportable information.

Annual, Continuing or Termination Submission
Instructions for submitting an annual, continuing review or a project termination.

Responding to an IRB Modification Required Assignment
Instruction for returning a modification required action item in your Assignments.

If you are an investigator who would like additional support utilizing and navigating InfoEd, please contact the Research Compliance Office at 402-280-3074 or email Rosa Seiffert at