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Worldwide, more leading research institutions, universities, and corporations have chosen the InfoEd Solution to realize cost savings, improve data integrity, streamline administrative processes, and accelerate compliance, than any other eRA software.

Their core belief - that industry experience and knowledge is the foundation of superior software development - has resulted in an unparalleled suite of applications, services and educational programs designed specifically for today's modern research institution.

At InfoEd Global they are committed to providing the best eRA solutions for the world's best research institutions, and that aim has resulted in over 20 years of sustained growth and service to the research community.

You can login to InfoEd at

Creighton University switched from IRBnet to InfoEd in August of 2019. Investigators can still access their projects that were submitted and approved in IRBnet.

All non-exempt projects were migrated from IRBnet into InfoEd. If you have an exempt project that was approved in IRBnet and you need it transferred over to InfoEd for a modification or termination, please contact the IRB at 402-280-2126.

If you are an investigator who would like to see more training materials for utilizing and navigating InfoEd, please email Rosa Seiffert at with suggestions.