Below is a list of some of the services offered by Environmental Health and Safety.  See also our Links page and Policies and Procedures.Services

Building/Environmental Reviews

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response (Spill Cleanup)

Disposal of Chemical Waste

Accident/Incident Reporting

Ergonomics Information

Prevent Bedbug Infestation


Building/Environmental Reviews

Environmental/building safety reviews are conducted by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety on a quarterly basis throughout campus and upon request.  Quarterly physical reviews are accomplished in conjunction with Facilities Management.  Areas covered during reviews consist of, but are not limited to, the following subjects:

* Fire Safety
* Air Quality Issues
* Building Maintenance
* General Housekeeping
* Chemical Storage

Reviews may be scheduled by contacting the Director of Environmental Health and Safety in writing, or by telephone at 402-546-6400.

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response

In the case of a hazardous material spill, Public Safety must be immediately notified at 402-280-2911. A Public Safety Dispatcher is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Public Safety will notify Environmental Health & Safety of the incident and location.  Public Safety Officers will be dispatched to evacuate and secure the area as necessary.

Chemical Spills (beyond small lab top) must be reviewed, monitored and remediated only by qualified individuals.  Qualifications must include: 40-Hour Hazardous Waste and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training and certification.  At Creighton, only EH&S personnel are qualified.  They will assume control of chemical/hazardous materials spills.  EH&S personnel will remain in control of the situation until relieved by higher authority (Omaha Fire Dept. (OFD) HAZMAT Control Officer).  Disposal of hazardous waste resulting from a spill or accident will be accomplished in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

If the spill involves radioactive materials, contact the Radiation Safety Office at x5570.

Disposal of Chemical Waste

Chemical Waste, regardless of the source of generation, is stringently controlled and reviewed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), OSHA, and other governmental agencies external to Creighton University.  Hazardous chemical waste is generated not only in laboratories, but also within Maintenance Facilities, Fine Arts and other departments within the university.

Once hazardous waste is declared by the generator (end user), the Department of Environmental Health and Safety monitors, reviews, documents and coordinates the disposal of the waste. A full time Chemical Coordinator is available to assist with, answer questions pertaining to, provide documentation and guidance regarding chemical waste. 

Chemical waste is shipped quarterly.

With over 150 teaching and research labs, as well as other areas such as fine arts studios and operational activities, at Creighton University, a variety of waste is generated each day. This guide is intended to help Creighton personnel determine how best to handle waste generated in their spaces across campus.

Creighton University Waste Disposal Guide

Accident/Incident Reporting

All accidents/injuries, or blood/body fluid exposures must be reported to University Risk Management within 24 hours after the incident. Creighton University Form HR-24 is to be utilized in reporting. The form must be completed by the accident/exposure victim, and signed by the victim's supervisor. Specific questions relating to injury or reporting should be directed to Katie Booton, University Risk Manager at 402-280-5833.