Peroxide-Forming Chemicals

Organic peroxides are extremely sensitive to shock and heat, so care must be taken when using or storing either the peroxides themselves, or chemicals that can form peroxides.  Also, it is important to keep on hand only the amount that you will be able to use in a reasonable amount of time (usually no more than a month or so).

Some chemicals form peroxides upon exposure to air, moisture or impurities.  Such chemicals must be stored properly in order to try to minimize the formation of peroxides.   Store these materials in a flammable storage container, in a tightly closed container.  Glass with a ground glass stopper is not a good choice.   Keep these materials away from flames, sparks, oxidizing materials, and light.

Label the material, including the the date you received the chemical, as well as an expiration date.  Discard any expired materials with the next hazardous waste shipment.

Please see Prudent Practices in the Lab (1995) for a chart of various peroxide-formers to be aware of.