Innovative Genomics Core

Innovative Genomics Core (IGC)

Reservation System & Location

The IGC equipment is located in Criss III, second floor, room 259. Please use the Reservation System to schedule usage.

Contact Info

Yusi Fu, PhD
Resident Assistant Professor

IGC Mission

Provide a total solution of genomics research from consultancy to experiments to data analysis. Our goal is to get a project from “sample to figure.”

Services Provided:

  1. Sequencing
    1. Genome (WGS, exon, mutation detection, etc.)
    2. Transcriptome
    3. Epigenome (cut & run, cut & tag)
    4. Amplicon
  2. Single Cell Genomics & RNA-Seq

Capabilities & Cost

Grand Opening! This year only (2022) – No extra cost for reagents!

NextSeq2000 Sequencer

Maximum Output

120 Gb (with P2 reagents), 360 Gb (with P3 reagents)

Maximum Reads per Run

Up to 400M single reads (with P2 reagents), Up to 1.2 billion single reads (with P3 reagents)

Nucleic Acid Type


Run time


Sequencing Cost:

  • Whole Run Cost:
    • $3,151
    • No wait time (1 day turn around)
  • Sample Pooling and Collaborative Reduction of Expenses:
    • RNA-seq Cost:
      • $50/sample
      • Pooling by us
      • Wait time varies

Aligent Technologies 4200 TapeStation System

  • A fast, automated, and flexible solution for samples size and concentration quantification
  • 1-96 samples, 1 min per sample
  • DNA and RNA samples, 2μL input
  • Detection of 35-60,000 bp as low as 5 pg/μL
  • Cost Per Sample: $4

10x Genomics High-Throughput Single-Cell RNA-seq

  • Lead time: 2 weeks
  • Minimal requirement: o Cell/nuclei suspensions 1,000 cells/μL >20μL
  • 10,000 target cells per sample
  • Cost Per 10,000 Cells: $1,878

Data Analysis

  • RNA-seq
  • DNA-seq
  • Cut & Run
  • Cut & Tag
  • Single-Cell RNA-seq
  • Etc.

Contact us with any questions or concerns.