Leica Metadata

Working with the Leica Metadata

When you right-click on an image in an experiment,

It brings up a drop-down in typical Windows fashion with a selection for Properties.


When you click on "Properties", it brings up a window showing a table about the metadata of the image.

As you scroll down through the document, you can see that it contains all of the pertinent information concerning the acquisition of the image. It includes things like acquisition speed, lasers, objectives, calibrations and more.

Across the bottom, you can see buttons for Apply Settings, Print, Save as... and Close. When you are using the confocal, the Apply Settings button will apply the settings from this image to your current acquisition. The print button will print the report and the Save as... button will save the report in an XML file. The last 3 buttons work whether you are on line at the confocal or off line at your desk using the light version of the software.