Flow Cytometry Core Facility

About the Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The Creighton Flow Cytometry Core Facility is now based in room 383 of the Criss III building on the Creighton campus.  It was started in September of 2001 with the purchase of a Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur.  Dr. Schabla was hired in July in 2019 to run the facility. 

In November of 2005 we acquired a Becton Dickinson FACSAria. This was the first FACSAria placed worldwide with a UV laser. In March of 2019, the instrument underwent a substantial upgrade, including improved fuidics, a 561nm laser, and detectors for four additional fluorescence parameters. With this instrument, we can analyze up to 14 colors simultaneously, sort a rate of up to 30,000 cells/second. and sort 4 different populations from the same sample simultaneously. 

In addition, this instrument has the ACDU (Automatic Cell Deposition Unit) cloning attachment, allowing the investigator to deposit single cells (or as many cells as wanted) into individual wells of a microtiter plate.

In the spring of 2016 we updated our instrumentation once again.  We replaced the original 4-color FACSCalibur analyzer with a 15-color Yeti analyzer.  The Yeti is a significant upgrade for our facility as it has both a yellow-green 561nm laser and the ability to perform high throughput screening.  The yellow-green laser is better for many of the PE tandem dyes (such as PE-CF594), but more importantly it opens up an entire new frontier of fluorescent dyes used for molecular biology (the "fruit" dyes, such as mCherry, mPlum, etc.).  For more specific information on the two cytometers in the facility, click on the specific links on the left.

For help in designing panels and antibody combinations click on the links below.