Research Services

Biostatistical Core

Our biostatistician is available for any researchers in need of statistical consultation. In close collaboration with the Division of Clinical Research and Evaluative Sciences, the Biostatics core has developed the following steps to help expedite the research process. 
Prior to meeting directly with the Biostatistics core, please complete the following steps. Note that Step 2 can be ignored by faculty who are Associate Professors or Professors.

1) Identify a research question for your project.
2) Identify a mentor to collaborate on your project.
3) Determine whether data are available to answer your research question.
4) Download and complete the 
Study Proposal Form 
5) Submit the completed Study Proposal Form to Alex Hall

Once the completed 
Study Proposal Form has been received, Alex Hall will be in contact to set up a time to meet.

Projects will be queued in the order they are received. Projects with unrealistic timelines or projects with questionable scientific rigor will be denied. It is in your best interest to complete the 
Study Proposal Form well before your project deadline to ensure a quality deliverable.