Special Circumstances


Before contacting the Registrar's Office, review these topics for possible solutions to your questions.

Audit a Course

  • Auditing involves registering for a course, but without credit or a grade, and reduced expectations to complete the required work. See the catalog for details.
  • Contact your Dean's office for permission. 
  • The Registrar's Office will accept an email from your Dean's Office as documentation. The email must be sent by the Dean's Office directly to Registrar@creighton.edu.

Change Number of Credits/Variable Credit Course

  • On the NEST Registration menu, click on Add/Drop Classes.
  • On the list of registered classes, locate the "Cred" column.
  • Click on the credit number for the class you want to change.
  • Enter the new number of credits in the space provided.
  • Click "Submit Changes."
  • Click "Return to Add/Drop Classes."
  • The new number of credits will appear in the "Cred" column.

Take More than 18 Credits in a Term

  • Contact your Dean's Office for approval - see Course Overrides for instructions.
  • If you are an Honors student, you must also have the Honors department approval.

Pass/No Pass Grade Options

Your Dean's Office must approve a Pass/No Pass grade request.  Pass/No Pass deadlines are posted on the year's academic calendar.

  • Your Dean's Office will review your quest and notify you of the decision.
  • The Dean's Office will then notify the Registrar's Office of approved requests.
  • The Registrar's Office will ensure that the grade for the course in question is recorded as Pass/No Pass.

See your Creighton University catalog for the Pass/No Pass policy.

Need Further Assistance?

Send an email from your Creighton account, including your name, NET ID and question, to Registrar@creighton.edu; or call 402-280-2702.