PIN Issues

PIN Issues


# Completed Credits = Your Classification

<24 credits = Freshman
24-59.5 credits = Sophomore
60-95.5 credits = Junior
96+ credits = Senior

*In-progress credits are not counted in # completed credits.

Please review the following information before reaching out for further assistance.  The Registrar's Office will not reassign PINs:

  • If you get an invalid PIN error message.

    • Be sure you selected the correct term (e.g., Summer 2023, Fall 2023)
    • Re-enter your PIN
    • If it still doesn't work, email
      • Tell us your name, NET ID, the PIN that was given to you. We will help verify it.
  • If you lost or forgot your PIN.

    • You can get a PIN reminder if you have registered for at least one class for the term.
      • Log onto NEST.
      • Go to Student Services>Registration>Forgot Registration PIN?
    • Otherwise, contact your advisor for a reminder.

How Registration PINS are Assigned

  • PINs/appointments are generated randomly within the database.
  • They are based on your level or school (for example, Graduate, Law, Pharmacy/Health Professions, Undergraduate).
  • Undergraduate PINS are based on either Classification or Cohort.
    • Junior and Senior PINs are based on classification/completed credits*-see above right for details.
    • NOTE: In-progress credits are NOT considered "completed" and therefore are NOT factored into PIN assignments.
    • Freshman and Sophomore PINs are randomized with the group they matriculated with as Freshmen. Their PINs are NOT based on completed credits. 
  • Fall PINs also work for Summer registration.
  • Spring PINs also work for Winter registration.
  • Your PIN remains active from your registration appointment time through the end of the Add/Drop period for the term you are registering for.
  • The Registrar's Office will not reassign PINs.



Students In

Receive PINs From

Undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences & Heider College of Business

Advisors.  Make an appointment with your advisor.

Undergraduate College of Nursing

Assistant Director of Program Administration

Graduate School

Academic Coaches.  Graduate students should contact their coach with questions related to registration or to obtain a registration PIN.

Law School

Associate Registrar, School of Law

School of Pharmacy and Health Professions