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Degree Works FAQs/HELP

What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is a web-based tool that provides degree evaluations and educational plans.  It gives students and advisors information about the requirements for a degree, as well as what is still needed, and the options available to meet the requirements.  Requirement exceptions approved by the Deanís Office may appear directly on the evaluation.

Academic requirements listed in Degree Works are based on the Creighton University Catalog Year.

The catalog associated with an individual's Degree Works page can be either:

  • The one in effect when the student matriculated; or
  • The one in effect when the student declared a major.

Substitutions/exceptions to an individual's academic requirements are entered by the student's advisor.

Degree Evaluation

A degree evaluation allows a student to track progress toward degree completion by displaying the requirements for her or his degree (including major, minor, concentration) or certificate, the past and current coursework that meets those requirements, and the outstanding requirements needed.

Educational Plan

The educational plan feature of Degree Works allows a student, in cooperation with her or his advisor, to chart a plan of study.

Who can use Degree Works?

Degree Works is available on the NEST for advisors and students in the College of Arts and Sciences, Heider College of Business, College of Nursing, College of Professional and Continuing Education, Graduate School, School of Law, and the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions.

  • Students: Student Services>Student Records>Degree Works
  • Advisors: Faculty & Advisors>Advisor Menu>Degree Works

How often should a student review the Degree Works degree evaluation?

You may view your evaluation as often as you like. We recommend you review and save a pdf at various times throughout the year to help ensure that you are taking the correct courses and are on track to graduate on time. We recommend viewing at these times*:

  1. Before you meet with your advisor to register for upcoming term(s).
  2. After registration.
  3. After your grades are posted.
  4. Any time you change your degree, major, minor, or concentration.

*Keep in mind that student information is updated each night into Degree Works and therefore changes such as registration or declaration of major, will not be immediately seen in Degree Works.

Can I save or print an evaluation?

Yes! Degree Works does not automatically save an evaluation. Therefore, if you want to preserve an evaluation, we encourage you to print or save a pdf. See "Print" on the top banner or 'Save as PDF' below that.

How is the Degree Works evaluation different from a transcript?

Degree Works is a tool to assist with planning and tracking progress towards degree completion. A transcript is the official university record. The evaluation is not an academic transcript, and it is not official notification of completion of requirements.  The Degree Works Evaluation view shows the general list of courses taken, while the Class History link at the top of the evaluation page provides a concise listing of all courses taken by term.

How current is student information in Degree Works?

Student information is refreshed each night in Degree Works. Any changes made today, such as registration, major declaration, grade posting, will be seen in Degree Works tomorrow.

Can I register for courses in Degree Works?

No. You will be able to see upcoming offerings of courses, but registration still takes place separately through the NEST>Student Services>Registration.