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Creighton University and Canon Solutions America have partnered to provide a robust Managed Print Services Program to our campus. Under the Managed Print Services Program, Canon will managed all print related services including print center operations,  multi-functional device (MFD) management, and managing our new cloud-based faxing solution.  Creighton University has also taken an integrated approach to both mail and print services.



Business Card, Letterhead and Envelope Online Ordering

The Bluejay Print and Post Team is excited to announce that you can now order your business cards through the Presswise web-to-print solution. Step-by-step instructions on how to use the business card templates within Presswise can be found here.

Standard Turnaround Time

In order to meet the printing needs for campus a 4 business day standard turnaround time has been put into place.  After a print job is submitted, the Bluejay Print and Post Team has four (4) business days to complete the job. If a proof  is requested by the submitter, the four (4) business day count begins when the Bluejay Print and Post Team receives the approved proof back from the submitter.  100% of all print jobs requesting delivery back to the submitter, will be delivered within four  (4) business days from the submission date.

Rush Jobs

A rush job is any print job request that is less than the standard four (4) business day turnaround SLA. Under the Managed Print Services Program, Canon is allowed up to 15% of rush job completion per month. The Bluejay Print and Post Team  will make every effort to accommodate rush print jobs as permitted.

Presswise Web-to-Print Solution

Presswise is Canon’s web-to-print solution put into place to handle all print jobs that need to be completed within the print center locations on campus.

All print job requests should be submitted via the Presswise web-to-print application. Your BLUE credentials are needed to be able to log into the Presswise web-to-print application. You can also log into Presswise by clicking on the Print Services Portal link located on the left side of this page.

To learn more about the services offered by the Bluejay Print and Post Team please visit the Presswise web-to-print application.

Bluejay Print and Post

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