Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Each year, Creighton University awards Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Scholarships for Undergraduate Women in Science and Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Scholarships for Women in Science to students entering their junior or senior year. The Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Scholarships for Undergraduate Women in Science cover the full cost of tuition and fees and include a housing and book allowance. The scholarships are awarded to female students majoring in the natural sciences, mathematics or computer science and who intend to pursue graduate degrees in one of these fields. Students receiving the scholarship are expected to conduct research in their field and take IDC 491 - Women in Science Seminar.

The Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Scholarships for Women in Science provides stipends for female students majoring in the natural sciences, mathematics or computer science who are engaged in research. The research scholarships cover a $4250 student stipend and $1500 supply stipend to support the student's research.


To be eligible for a Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship, students must:

  • Be female.
  • Be a current sophomore or junior (to be funded during junior or senior year).
  • Have declared a major in Atmospheric Science, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Energy Science (B.S.), Mathematics, Neuroscience, or Physics.
  • Not intend to pursue a career in medicine.
  • Be a United States citizen.

Clare Boothe Luce scholars are selected based on the following:

  • Very strong academic skills in the sciences and mathematics (minimum GPA of 3.4), typically in the upper 10% of her science classes during the first two academic years.
  • Previously evidenced and sustained research involvement in research, indicative of an investigative mind.
  • Interests in a variety of subject areas.
  • Imaginative use of information, rather than simply a capacity to absorb instructions.
  • Vigorous personality and certain natural assurance about herself and her capabilities.
  • Demonstration of inner discipline.

Selection Process

To be considered for a Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship, a student must be nominated by a faculty member in one of Creighton’s natural science, mathematics or computer science departments or submit her name directly to the current Clare Boothe Luce Professor .by the end of the Fall semester. Candidates undergo initial screening to eliminate those who do not meet the eligibility requirements of the Luce scholarship.

Candidates who pass the initial screening will be invited to apply for the scholarship early in the spring semester. The scholarship application materials are available online and completed applications are due in the middle of the spring semester. Applicants should work closely with a research supervisor (usually a professor in a science/mathematics/computer science department at Creighton or within Nebraska) to complete the "proposed plan of research" in the scholarship application. The ideal candidate will have begun, or made firm plans to begin, a research project in the fall or spring semester of the current year.

Those who respond to the invitation are evaluated by a Selection Committee comprised of faculty members from the science, mathematics and computer science departments. The committee will include active science researchers with strong representation from women scientists. The Selection Committee will review all the application materials and may desire to interview the top candidates. The committee will then submit the final list of names to the Dean of the College.

The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences will announce the winners of the scholarships in a timely fashion (shortly before May 1) to coincide with announcements from the Office of Financial Aid.

Clare Boothe Luce Scholars

Over 60 of Creighton's Clare Boothe Luce Scholars have gone on to graduate school in science. Of these, several have gone on to earn post-doctoral and faculty positions (including two of Creighton's Chemistry professors). Other scholars have pursued careers secondary education, law, and science communication.


Erika Bartschat (Biology)
Emma Dufresne (Applied Physical Analysis and Mathematics)
Taena Hanson (Neuroscience)
Emily Harders (Biology)
Samantha Hughes (Computer Science)
Kelsey Jackson (Physics)
Kendall Kellerman (Chemistry)
Chisom Nwakama (Biochemistry)
Abby Robinson (Environmental Science and Biology)
Jacquelyn Wright (Biochemistry)


Emma Baker (Biology)
Laura Catano (Chemistry)
Emily Harders (Biology)
Bailey Hassman (Neuroscience)
Lily Hecke (Computer Science)
Samantha Hughes (Computer Science)
Abby Robinson (Environmental Science & Spanish)
Clare Weber (Biochemistry)
Delaney Wilton (Neuroscience)


Emma Baker (Biology and Spanish)
Amanda Bohannon (Chemistry)
Rachel Busselman (Biology)
Bailey Hassman (Neuroscience and Biology)
Grace Kuhl (Chemistry)
Lindsey Mack (Biology)
Sonya Ponzi (Environmental Science)
Samantha Stoupa (Biochemistry)
Caitlyn Ward (Physics)


Rachel Busselman (Biology)
Sara Knowles (Biology)
Madison McCulloch (Biology/German Studies)
Monika Satkauskas (Chemistry/Medical Mathematics)
Samantha Stoupa (Biochemistry)
Carolyn Taylor (Applied Physical Analysis)
Ali Wallgren (Biology)
Caitlyn Ward (Applied Physical Analysis)


Danielle Desa (Physics and Mathematics)
Brielle Kelley (Neuroscience)
Kelsey Klostermeyer (Biology)
Sara Knowles (Biology)
Christina Miller (Physics and Chemistry)
Hannah Mullally (Environmental Science)
Samantha Stanley (Mathematics and Secondary Education)
Carolyn Taylor (Applied Physical Analysis)


Katherine Bauer (Physics and Biochemistry)
Erin Cheese (Energy Science & Applied Physical Analysis)
Jennifer Hartjes (Biochemistry)
Kelsey Klostermyer (Biology)
Leah Schaffer (Chemistry)


Katherine Bauer (Physics and Biochemistry)
Jennifer Hartjes (Biochemistry)
Amanda Kobayashi (Biochemistry)
Gloria Larson (Biology and Mathematics)
Anne Mirich (Chemistry)
Sarah Noles (Mathematics and Computer Science)


Hallie Dusselier (Atmospheric Science)
Jordan Kellerstrass (Computer Science)
Anne Mirich (Chemistry)
Meghan Smith (Biochemistry)
Erin Triplet (Biology)


Laura Anderson (Chemistry)
Virginia Barak (Biology)
Susan Cook (Biology)
Kathryn Del Vecchio (Biochemistry)
Audrey Gallagher (Chemistry)
Theresa Greving (Biochemistry)


Laura Anderson
Anya Burkart
Kathryn Del Vecchio


Anya Burkart
Katherine Garrett
Elsbeth Klotz
Danielle Renner
Kelley Wanzeck


Sarah Fredrick
Katherine Garrett
Natalie German
Elsbeth Klotz
Carolyn Posey
Megan Ruhland
Kelley Wanzeck



Jennie Burns
Sarah Fredrick
Natalie German
Ann Jizba
Meg Marquardt
Carolyn Posey