Please carefully review general information about exams. If you have questions, please email krisvictor [at] creighton [dot] edu and your message will be answered as quickly as possible.


Your exam number for final exams will be pre-assigned and will be e-mailed to you approximately 2 weeks before exams. You will use this same number for every exam taken. First year students, please note that this exam number is different from the exam number you were assigned for your mid-term exams. Please save the exam number e-mail for future reference in the event you forget your exam number during the exam period.


The exam schedule with room assignments is located on this website. Please make sure you review it to ensure that you report to your exam on the correct day, time and location.

If you have two exams scheduled on the same day or four exams scheduled in one week, see the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the Administrative Suite to determine which exam will be rescheduled, to reschedule that exam, and to sign the appropriate form. (See Academic Rule 3.4.) You must do this before 4 pm on the last day of regular classes.


• Only items authorized by the professor may be brought into the examination room.
• Scratch paper and pencils will be provided by the Law School.
• For closed-book exams:

  • Students taking exams online must bring their computer with the Examplify software previously installed on it, a power adapter, and a pen and/or pencil. An external mouse and keyboard are permitted provided they do not interfere with the persons around you. These must be connected before starting Examplify. You may bring your specific online testing password information with your exam number on it.
  • Students taking written exams should bring only a pen and/or pencil into the exam room, as well as your exam number. Scratch paper will be provided.

Please note: For closed-book exams, beginning 30 minutes prior to the exam, all textbooks, outlines, notes and other written materials are prohibited in the exam room. For online takers, you may set up your computer 30 minutes before the exam is scheduled to begin. Please keep your books, back packs, coats, purses, caps, and other miscellaneous materials in your locker. NO CELL PHONES ARE PERMITTED IN THE EXAM ROOM.

• If you must leave the exam room during the exam, you will need to sign out with the proctor. Upon returning to the exam room, you must sign back in. Leaving the room during the exam disrupts other students, so please leave only if necessary.

Exams will begin on time. You may not start the exam until the proctor instructs you to do so. Failure to comply may result in a failing grade in the course.


Students taking their exams on-line must report to their exam room 30 minutes before the exam start time to set up your computers. After setting up your computer, you may leave the exam room, but you must be in your seat 15 minutes prior to the start time of the exam.

Prior to the exams, the exams must be downloaded to your computer. All students who have online exams should have received an email. If you have not already done so, please make sure you have upgraded to the correct Examplify version before you install and download your exams. It is advisable that you do this by the last day of regular classes. Although unlikely, this will give you time to remedy any problems with your download. Failure to comply in a timely manner will result in writing exam essay answers in paper answer books. Please contact the Exam Management Team with any questions or concerns at exams [at] creighton [dot] edu; MyIT Service Desk 402.280.1111 option 1; or Exam Hotline 402.280.5665.

On exam day, after all students are set up, a paper copy of the exam will be distributed face down to each student. No typing or writing shall begin until instruction is given. When time is called, all typing must stop immediately. Students should submit their exam. Click “Exam Controls” then “Submit Exam”. You may also click “Next” to proceed through the submit process. On the next page, click “I am ready to exit my exam”. Then click, “Submit Exam”. A message will appear on the screen as to the success or failure of the upload. Once successful, you will also receive an email confirmation. Please retain these emails for your records. DO NOT LEAVE THE EXAMINATION ROOM UNTIL YOU RECEIVE CONFIRMATION OF YOUR SUCCESSFUL UPLOAD. You must always return the paper copy of the exam to the proctor, and not talk to anyone until after you have left the exam room.


Written exam takers will report to the same room as online takers. Students taking written exams must report to their exam room 15 minutes before the exam start time. Exams will be distributed to each student face down and may not be turned over or written upon until instructions have been given by the proctor. When time is called, exams must be turned in immediately.


Students will be able to retrieve grades by logging into your N.E.S.T. account. Submitted upper-level grades will be posted on N.E.S.T. as soon as they are received and processed. However, most of the grades will not be posted until after the grade deadline, which is typically the first week in January. All first-year grades will be posted on N.E.S.T. on or around January 15, after GPAs are determined.