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Tuition Remission

Tuition Remission

For your planning and budgeting purposes, the tuition remission administrative fee for dependents is $1,250 per semester for full-time students and $88 per credit hour for part-time students. If you have questions regarding the administrative fee, please contact the Business Office at 402.280.2707. Eligibility questions should be directed to Human Resources.

Please read the Tuition Remission Policy for requirements. 

Programs Excluded from Tuition Remission

  • Independent Study Program (Offered through the College of Professional Studies)
  • Accelerated Nursing Program
  • Advanced placement and dual-enrollment courses (taken by current high school students)
  • Doctorate of Education (EdD) in Leadership
  • Study abroad programs that are non-exchange programs (for more information regarding study abroad programs, please visit Global Engagement at creighton.​edu/geo.
  • Healthcare MBA courses in the EdD
  • Executive Healthcare MBA

Please review the Graduate Tuition Remission Taxation - Important Facts document (for benefit-eligible employees only).

Policy Q & A

Who qualifies for the change to the tuition remission benefit?

Any benefit-eligible employee with six months of eligible employment.

How do I enroll myself, spouse or dependent in the program?

Register by completing the online form. 

How many credit hours are my dependents allowed under tuition remission?

Dependents are allowed 136 undergrad credits.

How many credit hours are employees allowed?

Employees can take six credits per semester.

FACHEX and Tuition Exchange Programs

Applications to apply for FACHEX and Tuition Exchange are currently closed. Faculty and staff if you have a child(ren) interested in FACHEX or Tuition Exchange you will need to complete the application. All applications must be completed by December 1. Information regarding eligibility, policies, benefits, availability and more can be found on this site.

Fall 2021 Dependent Tuition Benefit Programs Presentation (PDF)


For questions regarding Tuition Remission, please contact Lenora Salts at 402.280.4753 or via email at