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MyHR Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyHR?

myHR is a cloud-based application that unifies payroll and human resources modules to better modernize and simplify Creighton University functions. myHR is in collaboration with a more global vision, which is myCreighton.

Will my data be handled securely in the cloud?

Oracle employs industry standard encryption mechanisms to protect your data in the cloud. Oracle maintains a robust security policy that specifies how they secure our data by limiting who can access our data, how it is transmitted to us for use, and how they maintain their servers and environment to minimize the potential for a data breach or unauthorized disclosure of our data. Oracle employs dedicated security professionals to monitor and protect our data.

Will my username and password be handled securely in the cloud?

Authentication will happen in a manner that is customary to Creighton whereas we will not share IDs and passwords with Oracle. Authentication will occur in a manner that will protect your ID and password from disclosure and loss. Remember, official Oracle sites will protect your ID and password, however, if you are tricked into entering your ID and password at a fraudulent site (phishing), the privacy of your ID and password may be compromised. This caution is not unique to our Oracle HR system, phishing and other scams can occur with any online or hosted application. As always, make sure you are aware of the authenticity of the site when you enter your ID and password.

Will the connection between my computer and the cloud server be secure?

Oracle uses industry standard security mechanisms to ensure our data is protected as we access this data across the internet.

Will myHR be single sign-on?

Yes, myHR will have single sign-on. This means that you will sign on with your BLUE credentials.

Will this replace AMI (Account Manager Interface)?

myHR will not replace AMI.

Will we be able to pull any data into Outlook?

No, this isn't a current functionality within myHR.

How will employees sign their time card?

A digital signature based on log in information is attached when an employee submits their time.

Can a manager enter in a time card for an employee?

No, an employee can't enter in time for another employee.

In myHR, will biweekly employees have to estimate hours?

Due to the online functionality of myHR, employees will not have to estimate future working hours. Employees will be able to complete and submit their time card at the end of their last shift of the pay period. Mangers will be given time for approvals on the Monday following the end of the pay period.

Will a "clock-in, clock-out" system be available in the future?

Consideration for this functionality will be looked at in the future.

Does this system accommodate employees who work a flex schedule?

Yes, this system will accommodate flex schedules for employees.

Will student employees be responsible for submitting their time card?

Yes, all Creighton University employees will be responsible for entering their time cards.

Will a message go to the employee if there's a rejection by the manager?

Yes, an email notification will be sent to the employee informing them of the rejected time card. Additionally, it is the manager's responsibility to converse with their employee to rectify the rejected time card.

What will happen if the approver doesn't agree with the hours reported?

If the manager's records do not match with what the employee entered in the time card, then the manager needs to have a conversation with the employee to discuss the discrepancy. The manager, after conversing with the employee, will then be able to reject the time card back to the employee for re-submission with updated time.

What if an employee forgets to report their hours?

One of the benefits of myHR is employee accountability. Managers should take note of employees who have not submitted time and work with the employees to ensure that time is entered within the allotted time. Employees will have the ability to submit time or time changes for one previous pay period which would then be paid on the next scheduled pay date.

I work off campus; will I be able to enter my time?

Yes, myHR is a web-based system that can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have Wi-Fi connection. This allows more flexibility and ease of use for employees working off campus.

Is this a "clock-in, clock-out" system for biweekly employees?

No, myHR takes the paper bubble sheet and turns it into an online time card for biweekly employees. This is not a "clock-in, clock-out" system, meaning you will enter your total amount of time worked during one working day.

I am a monthly paid employee and usually don't have to complete a time card. How will my hours be processed?

For monthly paid employees, they will not have to complete a time card. Monthly employees will enter in their absences via absence management.

Since paper bubble sheets are going away, how will managers know that new hires have been processed?

Managers will have access to an icon called, "My Team," where they will be able to view all of their employees in the form of "baseball cards." If the employee doesn't have a "baseball card," then they aren't in the system and it's the manager's responsibility to find out why their employee isn't in the system.

When a manager rejects a time card, is there a place to add an explanation?

Yes, on the time card managers will be able to add a comment. Additionally, managers and employees should be having conversations outside of the system.

How will managers sign off on their employee's time card?

Managers will sign off on their time cards when they submit their approval of the time card.

What happens to the time card after it has been submitted?

Time cards will be completed by the employee and submitted to their manager for approval. The manager will approve the employee's time. After the manager approves, the time card will be transferred to payroll for payment.

If managers are unable to approve time cards, what is the process?

Managers will be able to delegate approvals to other managers if they are out of office.

How many managers can delegate approvals to other managers?

Managers will only be allowed to delegate to one person.

How do managers verify their employee's hours?

It is the manager's responsibility to ensure that their employees are entering accurate times. This process can be handled in whatever form works best for the manager.

Whom do I contact if I have questions?

You may contact Human Resources at 402.280.2709 or email