Student Organization Domestic Travel

1. Review the Travel Policy

All travel sponsored, organized, facilitated or encouraged by Creighton University must be under the oversight of an administrative unit of the University.

2.  Review the University Requirements for Travel Programs

Review the University's basic expectations for student group (co-curricular) travel (including our International Safety & Emergency Protocol) before you plan your travel so that you can integrate all requirements in your proposal.

3. Complete SLIC Travel Request Form

The Student Leadership and Involvement Center (SLIC) is the only approval needed for student organization (co-curricular) DOMESTIC travel.  You must complete a Travel Request Form (one per group) indicating your tentative plans.  If SLIC approves, they will contact you so you can complete the next steps.  Do not purchase airline tickets until you receive clearance from SLIC.

Steps to complete the SLIC Travel Request Form:

  • Student organizations logs onto CU Involved
  • Student org goes to their organization's CU Involved page/site
  • Once in their site, they go to "Events"
  • They then click "Create Event"
  • Once they begin to fill out the form, they click the button that they are traveling
  • This prompts the Travel Request Form information
  • Additionally the event form that they are filling out gathers the other pieces of information that the SLIC needs to ensure that the organization is fulfilling the event policy