Community Partners

Community Partners

Partnering with Creighton to support one or more of our academic service learning classes offers community-based organizations the opportunity to draw on the talents, time, and knowledge of Creighton students and faculty.

Rooted in the concepts of mutuality and collaboration, community partners act as co-educators for our students, sharing your knowledge of complex social issues with them and mentoring them in the kind of world-changing work that you do. This mutuality and collaboration it is at the core of how Creighton’s Office of Academic Service Learning seeks to structure our academic service learning partnerships.

Becoming a Community Partner

Interested in forming a partnership with Creighton's academic service learning program? Do you have a project idea that you think would be a good fit for Creighton students? Are you just looking for student volunteers?

Complete our Community Partnership contact form and we'll be in touch with you to get your idea out to the Creighton community!

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What to expect from Academic Service Learning

An academic service-learning partnership is generally characterized by the following:

  • Creighton students serve with partner organizations up to 40 hours over an approximate 10-15 week period in spring, summer or fall semesters.
  • Creighton students serve with a variety of nonprofit and/or public organizations, with a special emphasis on those organizations which embody a preferential option for the poor and vulnerable.
  • Student service can take several forms.
  • Student service must be connected to the academic content of the class.
  • Student service is aligned with the academic learning goals of the class in order to facilitate deeper, richer learning.
  • Academic service learning should advance student learning and your organization's priorities.

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