Faculty-Led Programs Abroad

Planning a Faculty-Led Program Abroad (FLPA)*

Please follow these steps to make sure you have covered all University requirements.

*These include credit- and non-credit-bearing travel programs AND short trips to attend international conferences.

1. Review the Travel Policy

All travel sponsored, organized, facilitated or encouraged by Creighton University must be under the oversight of an administrative unit of the University.

2. Review Requirements for Travel Programs

Review the University's basic expectations for FLPAs (including ourInternational Safety & Emergency Protocol) before you plan your FLPA so that you can integrate all requirements in your proposal.

3. Contact your Dean's Office

Find out if your School / College has an established process for applying for a School / College - sponsored travel programs or  Faculty-Led Programs Away" (FLPA).  FLPAs may be curricular (credit-bearing) or co-curricular (non-credit-bearing).

If your School / College does not have a preferred process, you may complete the following forms and submit them to the GEO.  The GEO will complete an initial review and make recommendations to your Dean.  Decanal approval of the School or College that oversees the faculty member's work is required for all FLPAs (curricular and co-curricular).

Note that these forms are designed for credit-bearing programs by default. The approval process for both types of programs (curricular and co-curricular) is the same.  Please use the same forms below and note that your program is co-curricular" whenever course information is requested.

Application Deadlines:

  • August 1 - application deadline for summer stand-alone programs (permits inclusion in the FLPA Showcase and the Study Abroad Fair that take place each September).
  • March 1 - application deadline for fall or spring break programs.

To attend an international conference (short trip of less than 7 days) with students, you only need to complete the following form and submit to GEO after obtaining decanal approval:

4. Obtain GEO Approval

GEO will need to complete a risk management review and global learning assessment of the proposed program before it can be finalized.  Find out if your College / School will send your completed proposal documents directly to GEO or if you must complete that step.

Documents should be sent to Rene Padilla, PhD, Vice Provost for Global Engagement at RenePadilla@creighton.edu or to the Global Engagement Office, Creighton Hall 324.

Depending on the type and location of proposal, it may take up to 2 weeks to complete a risk management review (which includes consultation with multiple agencies across the world as well as with our General Counsel's Office if additional waivers may be needed).

5. Post your FLPA on the Jays Abroad Portal

Once approved by GEO and the respective Dean (or her/his designee), the FLPA OR short term international trip will be included in the Jays Abroad portal on the GEO website.  A Global Programs Coordinator will contact the faculty leader to set up the travel course's or program's profile in the Jays Abroad portal.

Faculty will be able to access the Jays Abroad portal to remain updated on applications received, approvals, completion of requirements. etc.

Students must complete waiver forms for all international travel regardless of type.

6. Attend a Leader's Meeting

Before a group may be cleared to travel, the trip leaders must attend a mandatory orientation meeting.  During this meeting leaders will receive information about supports and processes in place before, during and after trips, learn how to track student participants in the JaysAbroad portal, review the Creighton Travel Security Program, and have an opportunity to ask questions from representatives of the Global Engagement Office, the Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance, Student Health, the Office of Community Standards and Well-being, and the General Counsel's Office among others.

Faculty Leader Orientation sessions are scheduled each fall and spring, usually the week following the semester break. Please contact the Global Engagement Office at (402) 280-2221 to find out when the next session will take place.

7. Direct Students to Apply through the Jays Abroad Portal

All students must be directed to the Jays Abroad portal to apply for the FLPA.  This permits consistent tracking of students' submission of documents and meeting other requirements. 

8. Non-Participant Traveler Exception Application

Only approved participants in a Creighton University program may travel with the group.  FLPA leaders may apply to the Global Engagement Office for an exception.

For an exception to be considered there must be a clear plan outlining the activities of non-Creighton participants.  Usually no Creighton University funds may be approved for non-Creighton participants. Depending on the type of trip and non-participant, additional waiver forms may be required. Plans to travel should not be made until after an approval is received.

Please contact Rene Padilla, PhD, Vice Provost for Global Engagement at 402-280-4745 or rpadilla@creighton.edu with any questions.

9. Voluntary Air Travel Mitigation Fund

Creighton University members recognize the challenges of climate change and make efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), especially those from business related travel.

See details for this VOLUNTARY program HERE