Asian Subcontinent Hub: India

Any experience in India is a crash course on the nature of the social, economic and infrastructure challenges that the majority of the world?s population living in poverty face every day. As a developing country with a growing economy, complex history and diverse population, it is an ideal location for global learning. 

We have identified two Jesuit Universities in two cities which have several joint programs, but also have different emphases of interest to Creighton University.

St. Xavier's College (Autonomous) in Mumbai is committed to training for professional innovation, cultivating personal integration and advocating for social inclusion. Considered one of the most important universities in India, it offers academic programs in the humanities and basic sciences. It boasts leading global scholars in eco-zoology, literary eco-criticism, and eco-psychology amongst its faculty. We will be launching a short-term credit course in Indian Culture Studies as well as a semester-long study abroad exchange program in the coming year.

St. Joseph's College (Autonomous) in Bangalore has a unique social integration program and is a leader in academic service-learning. Their programs in commerce and social enterprise are of particular interest to Creighton University. They have a close connection with multiple NGOs and with a Center for Inter-Religious Dialogue, respected across India as a positive mediator between the large diversity of faiths and religions in that country. St. Joseph's will be sponsoring internships for students as the initial collaboration with Creighton University.

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