Trainings & Events

Trainings & Events

Confidential Advocacy

Speak with us 100% confidentially through email or call 402.280.3794.

Report an incident

Call 402.280.3189 or report online using the Tell Someone form.

The VIP Center will support you throughout the reporting process.

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Signature Events

Take Back the Night

At Take Back the Night, the Creighton community stands in solidarity with survivors of interpersonal violence. Community members bear witness as survivors share their stories and staff share opportunities for all to take action to prevent interpersonal violence and support survivor-centered legislation.

Denim Day

In 1992 in Italy, there was a sexual assault case in which the Supreme Court justices ruled that the victim's jeans were so tight that she must have helped her attacker remove them, thus implying consent. The next day, the women of the Italian Parliament wore jeans in order to stand in solidarity with the victim and to protest victim-blaming. Now, the Creighton community shows solidarity on an annual Denim Day to stand in solidarity with victims.

What Were You Wearing?

This annual art installation is designed to create a tangible response to one of our culture's most pervasive rape culture myths. The belief that clothing or what someone was wearing "causes" rape is extremely damaging for both survivors and our community. This installation allows participants to see themselves reflected in not only the outfits of, but also the experiences of of Creighton survivors.

Dating Violence Awareness Month

Each year, the VIP Center hosts a number of events to educate and support members of the campus community who are impacted by dating violence in some way.