Meet Us

Office of General Counsel Staff

General Counsel
James S. Jansen, J.D.
Phone: 402-280-1804
Fax: 402-280-5719
Linn Building 128

Associate General Counsel
Andrea M. Jahn, J.D.
Phone: 402-280-3469
Fax: 402-280-5719
Linn Building 125

Vice President of University Compliance
Open Position

Paralegal, General Counsel
Patty Spawn
Phone: 402-280-5589
Fax: 402-280-5719
Linn Building 123

Intellectual Resource Management (IRM):

Director, Intellectual Resource Management (IRM)
Stuart Martens, J.D.
Phone: 402-280-3653
Fax: 402-280-5719
Linn Building 103

Operations Specialist, IRM
Phone: 402-280-3651
Fax: 402-280-5719

Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance:

Executive Director/Title IX Coordinator
Allison Taylor, MSEd
Phone: 402-280-4120
Creighton Hall 340

Associate Director
Ellie Rohr, JD
Phone: 402-280-1797
Creighton Hall 340

Associate Director
James Nitta, JD
Phone: 602-812-4590
Room 704 B, Phoenix Health Sciences Campus

Assistant Director
Ali Setty, JD
Phone: 402-280-3790
Creighton Hall 340

Administrative Assistant
Andy Husk
Phone: 402-280-3189
Creighton Hall 340

Athletics Compliance Office:

Associate Athletic Director of Compliance
Matt Stolberg
Ryan Athletic Center 259

Director of Compliance and Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Megan Pontius
Phone: 402-280-2697
Ryan Athletic Center 254

Assistant Director of Athletic Compliance
Eric Lewis
Phone: 402-660-5120
Ryan Athletic Center 254