Working With Foreign Nationals

Working With Foreign Nationals

The impact of export controls laws on the ability to work with foreign nationals is an area of primary concern for university researchers.  For purposes of export control laws, an export is considered to be actual shipments and transmissions of controlled items to other countries, as well as the release of controlled items to a foreign national within the US.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is US legislation that makes it illegal to provide anything of value to a foreign party in order to obtain an unfair advantage.  If you have more questions about this legislation, or want to ensure you are not in danger of infringing these laws, please contact Creighton?s export control official at

Foreign National Employees (H-1B)

The Department of Homeland Security requires visa sponsors to certify whether an export license will be required for a foreign national to work in the US.  If you have questions about whether this certification is required for you or someone you work with, please contact Jodi Lange at 402-280-5589.


Undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students may be required to obtain an export control license if they will be working with export controlled materials (either Creighton?s or those of a sponsor).  Student publications (such as dissertations) may be eligible for exclusions and exemptions such as the fundamental research exclusion.

Debarred Lists

Restricted Party Lists are lists of individuals who have violated export control regulations in the past.  US citizens have an obligation to ensure that people and entities they do business with are not on these lists.