Travel & Transport


Concur is our online booking method for domestic and simple international reservations including nonstop or one-stop airline reservations and car and hotel bookings.  

Online booking offers you control over your travel arrangements in the following ways:

  • Your travel preferences are being considered while using the personal profile you build online.
  • You have the power to plan trips, check fares, track itineraries, and book reservations for flights, hotels and cars quickly and accurately from a full range of travel alternatives.
  • You can save frequent destination trips as templates, keep your itineraries accessible; easily change your personal profile information when necessary.
  •  You save money by selecting from a menu of lower priced options.
    • (Over 18 million people in 100 countries and 60 percent of the Fortune 500 trust Concur with their travel and expense data)


  • Review the Quick Links & eTTekdash link on the Home Page
  • eTTek Dash - designed specifically for T&T?s corporate travelers is a mobile app available for your Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry devices and soon to come on Windows Mobile
  • Obtain e-receipts from airlines, hotels, rail and car rental companies provide the most accurate dataMobile Access under eTTekdash
  • Book the reservation through Concur; Travel and Transport will process the ticket, e-mail an itinerary and send your e-ticket receipt

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