Creighton University

Accounting Policies


Travel Expenditures and Advances




April 17, 1990


July 1, 2001

Travel advances will only be processed for employees and students to cover anticipated out-of-pocket expenses, such as meal and incidental costs expected to be incurred while in travel status. This would not include items such as airfare, lodging expenses, car rental and mileage, which would normally be paid via credit card or University purchase order. Expenses incurred against travel advances must be reported on a Travel & Business Expense Report (TER) subsequently submitted to the Controller's Office within 60 days of issuance of the advance check for processing in order to clear the travel advance from the individual's account. If the travel advance is not cleared within 60 days of issue, the advance will be referred to payroll to be included in the employee’s earnings and the appropriate payroll taxes will be withheld from the employee’s next paycheck. The submitted (TER) must include original receipts for all lodging expenses of any amount, and for any individual expenses greater than $75. University employees will not be provided with further travel advances until all prior travel advances have been properly accounted for through the submission of a TER and the required receipts.

Travelers are encouraged to reference the Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual, Section 6.5 for additional information and guidelines.