Expense Reimbursement

Travel Advances

Travel advances are available to employee and students to cover anticipated out-of-pocket expenses for meals and incidental costs expected to be incurred while traveling.

How To Request a Travel Advance

  1. Complete a Request for Travel Advance form
    • The maximum amount you can request is = to the current Per Diem rate for each full travel day.
  2. Attach it to a Direct Pay Request (DPR) form
  3. Submit both completed forms to Accounting Services 

What to Do When You Return from Your Trip

  1. Complete a Travel & Business Expense Report (TER)
    • If your advance received was more than your out of pocket expenses,
      • you'll need to write a check payable to Creighton University for the unused balance of the advance.
      • Then your department should deposit the check (to the Business Office) using your fund and org and travel expense account.
      • Make a copy of the deposit slip and attach it to the TER
  2. In the upper right corner, complete the travel advance information
  3. Submit the completed TER and any required documentation within 7 days of your return.
    • Don't forget this step! The IRS requires us to substantiate your advance within 60 days. If you don't provide this information by 60 days, your travel advance will be referred to Payroll to be included in your earnings and the appropriate payroll taxes withheld from your next paycheck. See policy APPL05