Policies & Procedures Manual

This Policies and Procedures Manual has been specifically developed by the Creighton University Accounting Services to assist all departments in expediting their financial transaction processing and to share information regarding its mission and roles.  The information in this manual has been carefully coordinated with the internal Accounting Services Procedures Manual to ensure better coordination between that office and other departments. 

Creighton's accounting system must accurately record all financial transactions and provide the ability to report the information in a timely and meaningful manner to decision makers throughout the campus. This can most readily be accomplished by communicating a limited number of policies and procedures that should be consistently followed by all departments. Adherence to these guidelines will help the University safeguard its assets, provide a documented "audit trail" of paperwork supporting transactions, improve the accuracy of transaction recording, and result in better comparability of data among the various departments for use by the Board of Directors, the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Department Chairpersons, Department Administrators and others.


Accounts Payable Policies & Procedures

Grants Accounting Policies (Previously Cost Accounting)

Financial Systems Policies & Procedures

General Accounting Policies & Procedures

Fixed Assets Policies & Procedures

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