University Moving Services (UMS)

  1. Purpose
    To provide policy and procedures to assist departments with moving or disposing of excess furniture and equipment, relocating offices, and transporting official records to the records storage area.
  2. Policy
    University Moving Services (UMS) provides moving services to University departments during normal university working hours.  Materials moved will be handled diligently, but the requesters are reminded the University is self-insured.
  3. Scope
    Applies to all University departments.
  4. Administration and Interpretation
    Questions regarding the asset inventory should be directed to the Controller's Office, questions requesting storage should go the University Moving Services (UMS) at 280-2454, and questions regarding this policy or procedure should be directed to Facilities Management.
  5. Services Provided
    1. Relocation of an office or offices
    2. Relocation of one or more items, i.e. desk, file cabinet
    3. Moving for flooring installation
    4. Pick up of excess furniture or equipment for reassignment to other departments.
    5. Pick up of excess furniture or equipment for disposal.
    6. Transporting of records to the University records storage area.
  6. Requesting and Scheduling of Services
    1. A properly completed WebFM Service Request form must be received by UMS no later than ten (10) working days prior to the date the move is needed.
    2. All moves will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis determined by the date the request form is received by UMS.
    3. If the move is outside the scope and capabilities of UMS the requester will be contacted before the move is scheduled with an outside contractor.  Contract moves will be at the requesting department's expense.
    4. UMS will notify the requesting department of the date and time the move is scheduled.
  7. Departmental Responsibilities
    1. University departments are responsible for reviewing and adhering to the procedures defined in the UMS Pre-Move Tasks and Moving Instructions.
    2. In addition to preparing office equipment and furniture for the actual move by UMS, university departments are responsible for ensuring that all moving instructions are followed to expedite the relocation process.
  8. Amendments or Termination of this Policy
    Creighton University reserves the right to modify, amend, or terminate this policy at any time.

Updated 07/06
Implemented  11/01