Custodial Services

Custodial Services

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Custodial Services
Matt McKenzie
Custodial Services Manager
Facilities Management Building
1006 N 20th Street
Phone: (402) 280-2780

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Our Vision

It is Custodial Service’s vision to be a productive, customer oriented service organization that values and respects all members of the Creighton University community. We are committed to building and fostering a safe, enjoyable and diverse working atmosphere.

Our Mission

As professional employees, we support Creighton University’s mission by providing quality services and the management of physical assets, and the stewardship of resources in accordance with University policies, values, regulatory requirements, and best practice standards.

Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan identifies those actions necessary to lead our organization in a direction that will facilitate reaching our goals.  Please read it to find out more.

Our Cleaning Schedule

Tasks are assigned weekly, daily, or monthly, depending on the location.  Our cleaning matrix shows how often the various tasks are performed in the different locations on campus.  Hours of operations in various buildings is also available.

Due to the recent budget constraints here at Creighton University, we have had to make some slight changes to our cleaning schedules.  These changes have been implemented so we can continue to provide the university with quality service and continue the core mission.  If you have questions, please contact Lou Marcuccio at Facilities Management.

Trash and Recycling Procedures

Due to Creighton University being a single stream recycling campus, custodial services will not remove trash from personal office spaces.

If you have a trash can in your office, you are responsible for dumping the contents into a commons area receptacle. Custodial Services will remove single stream recycling once per week, or as needed. Please visit the Sustainable Creighton webpage for more information on recycling options.


Please contact Facilities Management at 402.280.2780 with any questions.

Our Contact Information

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Our Custodial Services contact information lists the supervisors for the various buildings, as well as contact information for the department.