Microsoft Software

Students and Employees at Creighton University can purchase software from Microsoft, Adobe, etc., through our Kivuto store.  You can pay online and have the software shipped directly to your home or Residence Hall. Software products are different based on your status at the University (e.g. Employee (Faculty or Staff) and Student). Employees are entitled to products under the Work At Home License Agreement. Students are entitled to products under the Microsoft Student Option Agreement.  Please remember that this software is for personally owned computers and is NOT for university owned computers.

Full Time Students: when you migrate to the new Office 365, you are allow to download up to 5 free downloads of Microsoft Office for full time students (Mac/PC/Mobile).  You may download copies from your Office 365 homepage here: Office 365 Details

DoIT strongly suggests you purchase the “Extended Access Guarantee” for $4.95 if you download software from Kivuto. This allows you to continue to have access to your download and license keys for 2 years.

*The Division of Information Technology does not provide support for Faculty or Staff home computers. Installation, updates, use of the software to perform work-related tasks and maintenance of any software purchased is the responsibility of the buyer.

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