CURAS Ambassadors

CURAS Ambassadors


CURAS Student Ambassadors are leaders in undergraduate research who work with the CURAS leadership to promote undergraduate research opportunities across campus. Ambassadors serve as the face of CURAS at various campus and admissions events, serve as liaisons between CURAS and the student population as well as between CURAS and departments across campus.

Meet your 2023-24 Ambassadors


Kate Wald, Co-Director

Nina Crabtree, Co-Director


Grace Jaworski

Omar Mryan

Alessandra Kakish

Arij Khan

Abby Engle

Daniel Rendon

Jayce Hughes

Kenneth Nguyen

Jonathan Li

Ramya Rengarajan

Lexie Tonnemacher

Olivia Nicholson

Matthew LeMay

Greer Porter

Ayden Chavez

Maisie Laughlin

Emily Meister

Ameera Naif

Philip Richardsen

Ellie Simmons

Emily Daffer


Dr. Gwen King, Faculty Advisor

Ethan R. Ankrum, Staff Advisor