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Latest News

Safety Preparedness is Everyone's Job

Today, more than ever, we must be prepared for situations that we could have never anticipated happening and recognize that immediate communication is critical to keep students, faculty and staff well informed. Effective emergency response requires personal preparedness and planning.

This site will provide updates, information and resources to help you keep safe. A key element of Creighton’s comprehensive crisis plan is a new multi-channel communication system called CreightonAlert. It allows us to keep the Creighton community informed whether in class, in the dorm, in front of a computer, on your way to class or in the office. CreightonAlert delivers personalized messaging simultaneously via text, multiple phone numbers, and e-mail.

It is important to register for this service and to update information if any of your contact devices have changed. Simply log in and follow the instructions.

And watch this website for other updates ranging from fire safety to campus preparedness activities.