Threatening Behavior Committee

Threatening Behavior Committee


Coordinating a focus on threatening behaviors: instances in which someone is planning to cause physical harm to self or others.

Committee Focus

The Threatening Behaviors Committee has a focus on:

  • Personal safety, student safety, or the safety of others.
  • Any behavior that indicates acute personal distress in a physically harming manner.
  • Behavior that could be described as disruptive or disturbing behavior.
  • Concerning behavior that involves alcohol and/or drugs.

Committee Objectives

The following objectives have been identified for the Threatening Behaviors Committee:

  • Create ongoing communication in line with best practices ensuring a sustainable, confidential structure.
  • Coordinate education to campus stakeholders in order to create pathways towards early identification of possible issues.
  • Advise the Vice Provost for Student Life and other campus leaders.

Frequency of Meetings

The Threatening Behaviors Committee meets twice a month.

Resources for Campus

The Threatening Behaviors Committee has developed two important resources for campus safety.

Committee Members

  • Jim Jansen, JD, General Counsel
  • Sangeetha Kumar, Student Counseling Services
  • Michael D. Reiner, Public Safety
  • Desiree Nownes, Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life
  • Allison Taylor, Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance
  • Judi Szatko, Human Resources
  • Dave Dibelka, Public Safety
  • Kristen Schuling, Residential Life
  • Rosie McSweeney, Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing