Honorary Degree Nomination

Additional Information & Letters of Support

About the award: Honorary degrees are traditionally presented at commencement to individuals who have provided distinguished service to the state, to learning or to mankind; to letters, to art, to music, to education, or to science; or have provided constructive philanthropy or some other outstanding public service. If possible, the degree should indicate the character of the service. The service shall be general in its effects and not merely local. Recipients must manifest intellectual gifts, displayed either by writing or activities, which would rank them with scholars or entitle them to recognition by learned or education societies of the highest standing. Recipients should also manifest such qualities in their personal lives that would mark them as belonging among individuals of culture and high moral principles.

Additional letters of support are encouraged. Send additional information to the Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations & Donor Engagement, Wareham Building. Please use a confidential envelope or email to publichonors@creighton.edu.