Assessment Call for Data 2020-2021

Assessment Call for Data 2020-2021


Deadline for submission of 2020 – 2021 annual assessment report hsa been extended to March 18, 2022.

March 18, the extended deadline for 2020-2021 assessment reports is rapidly approaching. The University’s goal is a 100% completion rate. To help everyone manage the workload, the CFE is encouraging for a slightly different approach. Deans and associate deans have the details.

Since 2019-2020, we have encouraged faculty to manage their workload with this reporting during COVID emergency teaching demands by assessing only 1 or 2 outcomes where students had not achieved at the level that would be expected. The expectation is that departmental assessment committees are working on continuous improvement plans where indicated by the data.

Beginning with assessment year 2020-2021, CFE is encouraging faculty to again assess only 1 or 2 outcomes and begin a multi-year assessment cycle (3-year, 4-year cycle depending on your program/department) so that all outcomes are assessed over a multi-year period (vs. all outcomes assessed every year). This recommendation is supported by the Higher Learning Commission recommendations for continuous improvement and can help manage the workload. If you have already submitted your outcomes as you usually do, please do not make any changes.

Taskstream Refresher trainings were offered prior to this newsletter. If you missed this training and would like a 1:1 consultation or have questions – contact Sarah Oliver Program Outcomes Specialist.

Peer reviews in which programs will receive program-specific feedback will begin in March. The University Assessment Committee will provide a summary of the quality of our assessment reports. Direct questions concerning the review process or to join the peer review team to Sarah Oliver.