Our Tutors

Dr. Laura Gill, Instructor and Director of the Communication Center

Hometown: Aurora, SD

I teach the Digital Communication Lab; Talk to Me, TED: Leadership, Social Media, and Communication; Relationships, Work, and Culture; Theories of Leadership and Organizational Change; and Managerial Communication.

Community Involvement: Advisor for the Ratio Studiorum Program, Communication Studies Major Advisor, Member of the National Association for Communication Centers, Editorial Board for Speaker and Gavel, I also give presentations on effective communication styles for Creighton University Human Resources and Creighton University's Center for Professional and Corporate Excellence.

I began my teaching career in 2004 at South Dakota State University as a graduate student and found a passion for helping students thrive in speaking situations. I am also a former speech and debate coach. I've coached multiple students to outrounds at the American Forensics Association Individual Events Tournament and the National Forensics Association National Championship. During my time as a coach, I coached two National Champions, Whitney Rice at James Madison University and Creighton's first National Champion in Prose Interpretation, Chris Fowler.

Through working with a variety of public speaking experience levels, I've learned how to help individuals who would rather not speak to those that have significant speaking experience. Everyone has the opportunity to improve and become a stronger speaker, and what we do in the Creighton Communication Center allows individuals to see their true potential.

Fun Fact...I enjoy traveling, crafting, spending time in our backyard gardening, and making pancakes in various shapes (Like a bus! Or a cow!) for our daughters. 

Ashley Abraham

Hometown: Folsom, CA

Major/Minor: Double major in Biology and minor in Medical Anthropology

Community Involvement/Interests: I enjoy hiking, painting, and watching Netflix in my free time. I am also a regular volunteer at soup kitchens in my hometown.

Public Speaking Experience or why you enjoy tutoring: I have worked in tutoring for most of my high school career and it's a very fulfilling and enriching experience; you have the opportunity to learn way more from the tutees than they learn from you.

Fun Fact: I was born in Dubai, UAE  and knew 3 languages by the time I was 4 years old. I forgot Arabic over time but I picked up Tamil and Spanish a few years ago.

Anthony Alvarado

Hometown: Coming soon! 

Major/Minor: Coming soon!

Community Involvement/Interests/Organizations at CU: Coming soon!

Why do you enjoy tutoring / public speaking? Coming soon!

Fun Fact: Coming soon! 

Bridget Backer

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Majors: Biology & Medical Anthropology

Community Involvement/Interests/Organizations at CU: I play on the Creighton Club Volleyball Team and am involved in the College of Arts & Sciences Student Senate as Vice President of Membership. I am also a member of the Deanís Fellows Program. In addition, I volunteer at a local hospital as well as at my church. 

I have held numerous leadership positions that have fostered my love for public speaking. I have not always been confident in this area, but have seen my skills grow through being placed in situations outside of my comfort zone. I think that everyone carries a unique perspective and our speech is a way of sharing more of ourselves with the world around us. This being said, I want others to be able to experience the joy and confidence that can come from being able to communicate their voice with others well! 

Fun Fact...I love being outdoors and traveling to beautiful places whether it be to New Zealand to kayak through fjords, to Switzerland to backpack the Alps, or to Colorado to hike 14ers.

Jian Ijirani

Hometown: Folsom, CA

Major: Nursing (Class of 2021)

Involvement: Circle K, CUSNA

Why I enjoy tutoring: Tutoring is a great way to be able to learn new things. Many times, the things that people need help with are also things that I've struggled with in the past, so I can use my experience to help them. I also have the opportunity to learn new things as some people may have certain tricks or hints that are much more efficient or helpful.

Fun Fact: My favorite hobbies are photography and digital drawing.

Tenhir Iyer

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Major/Minor: Neuroscience & Philosophy Double Major

Community Involvement/Interests/Organizations at CU: At Creighton University, I am a part of the Desi Cultural Society (DCS), Creighton University Presidential Scholars (Service Group), a Research Assistant in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Dean's Fellows Program, and take part in Greek Life on campus!

From my experience, public speaking is a beautiful tool that can be used to change the minds and hearts of listeners. It is not simply an oral transfer of knowledge, but is an art form that can evoke all kinds of emotions from people. Speech allows us to express not only our external beliefs and passions toward particular subjects, but also communicate our internal frustrations or emotions in a manner that is constructive rather than destructive. Furthermore, the reason that I have decided to tutor students is because I genuinely enjoy seeing students maximize their potential and develop their abilities. That moment where I am able to see a student's expression change from frustration to that of relief in knowing that they figured out a question they were struggling with is truly invaluable. By allowing students to hone their public speaking abilities, they will be able to apply what they have learned to their daily lives and strive to become the leaders that they aspire to be.

Fun Fact...I can bend my thumbs backward past my knuckles!

Raeef Rahman

Hometown: Coming soon! 

Major/Minor: Coming soon!

Community Involvement/Interests/Organizations at CU: Coming soon!

Why do you enjoy tutoring / public speaking? Coming soon!

Fun Fact: Coming soon!

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