Communication Center

Tutoring in Public Speaking

Have a speech coming up? Nervous about speaking in front of others? Any Creighton University student, faculty, or staff member can schedule an appointment with our trained coaching staff through BluePoint. Individuals often work with Communication Center Tutors to brainstorm speech topics, organize and build outlines, find sources, determine source citations, create visual aids, establish gestures and facial expressions, develop tone, practice, record presentations, and more. All tutors are trained to work with various experience levels while following the assignment guidelines established by course instructors or speaking event expectations.

To schedule an appointment with the Communication Center:

  • Log in BluePoint/BlueTutor with your NETID
  • Scroll to Communication Center and click "Schedule an appointment today"
  • Follow the instructions to successfully schedule your appointment.

Just after your appointment is confirmed with the system, you will receive a confirmation email to save in your schedule. All appointments take place in the Communication Center located in Hitchcock Communication Arts Building, Room 305
Sessions last 25-30 minutes and speakers may schedule multiple sessions. It is recommended to book an appointment at least 5-7 days in advance of delivering your presentation. It is also beneficial to have access to the speech assignment description, rubric, and any other materials you may need during the session (including laptop, outline, sources, note cards, etc.)

Our tutors are also willing to visit classrooms to provide brief lessons on speaking and delivery! If you are teaching a class that requires speaking, please reach out to Dr. Laura Gill, Communication Center Director at to request a classroom visit.

We look forward to working with you to create, orate, and master the art of public speaking!

Be a Communication Center Tutor!

The Creighton Communication Center is now accepting applications for student tutors.
Benefits of Being a Communication Center Tutor

  • Develop leadership, interpersonal, and professional communication skills in a supportive environment
  • Assist peers with communication-related assignments
  • Build relationships with faculty and staff
  • Gain leadership experience through serving others
  • Earn money

Job Description

Communication Center Tutors provide one-on-one or group tutoring sessions in public speaking for undergraduate students. Most tutoring sessions take place after Fall or Spring Break.

Tutors are trained to coach students who need assistance in topic creation, outline development, speaking extemporaneously, verbally citing sources, using gestures and facial expressions to support presentations, crafting visual aids, and practicing presentations. Tutors should guide students to find answers and develop their presentations rather than completing the work for the student.

Tutors are expected to maintain excellent and professional communication with the director of the communication center. Tutors should also refer students to other appropriate university resources as needed.
Position Requirements

Tutors must have earned an A or B+ in COM 101, COM 152, or equivalent course and provide a faculty reference for the course.

Tutors must maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.2.

The Communication Center strives to make our environment open and friendly and we expect the same for our tutors. Tutors should be academically strong, welcoming, friendly, approachable, possess strong communication skills, open to feedback, and able to model appropriate academic and professional behaviors.

Most sessions will occur in a one-on-one format, but tutors should be open to the possibility of working in small groups.

To Apply:

Please send your resume, faculty reference (name and contact information), and local contact information to Dr. Laura Gill, Communication Center Director.