Ivelisse Santiago-Stommes, PhD

Ivelisse Santiago-Stommes, PhD

Ivelisse Santiago-Stommes, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Appointments


  • Modern Languages and Literatures


  • Professor

Teaching Activity

  • Contemporary Latino/a Literature-A course that deals with the gender issues, national identity and the challenges of immigration in the literature of Latin-American writers residing in the United States
  • Feminine Voices-A course that deals with gender issues in the literature of Latin-American women writers
  • FLPA-CU Spain- A cultural and language immersion course in Spain during the summer for majors and minors in Spanish
  • Language courses in Spanish-all levels
  • Translation courses: Introduction to Translation and Advanced Translation


     Dr. Ivelisse Santiago-Stommes received her PhD at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is an Associate Professor of Spanish who specializes in Contemporary Latin American Literature. She teaches courses in Spanish at all levels and courses in advanced translation, Caribbean literature and contemporary Latino/a literature. Her research focuses on all aspects of gender issues in the literary works of contemporary Latin-American women writers, specifically the socio economic and political factors together with immigration, nationality and national identity that affect women’s equality in society, their self-development and their quality of life. She has made presentations at numerous international conferences and has collaborated in a variety of book projects and scholarly journals. In addition, she has extensive experience as an English/Spanish translator.

Publications and Presentations


  • , 99-113
  • , 14-37
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  • , 17, 78-84
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Research and Scholarship

Grant Funding Received

  • Creighton University Summer Research Grant
  • CURAS- Faculty Mentor for Eric Hansen's Summer Research

Awards and Honors

  • Media Consent and Release Form, 2015
  • Medical Documents-Translation and Editing, 2014
  • Medical documents- translations and editing, 2014
  • Final Revision of two research documents from Spanish into English from Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, 2013
  • Legal Documents, 2011
  • Training Employee and Supervisory Manual, 2011