Graduation Checklist

A guide to prepare you for your walk down the runway.

Creighton University Graduation

Graduation Checklist

Expected Graduation Date

When you were admitted you worked with your academic coach to identify your expected graduation date. Along the way, you may have sped up or slowed down your course work. So it’s a good idea to keep track of your anticipated graduation date.

Graduation Pre-Check

At least one semester prior to the semester you want to graduate (e.g., graduating in May, do your clearance in the fall); meet with your academic advisor to do a graduation pre-check to make sure you’re on track with your degree requirements. At this meeting, you’ll review all your requirements and make sure you’re able to schedule your remaining classes to meet your graduation date.

Graduation Times

We award diplomas three times a year: May, August and December. But we only have one Commencement Ceremony each year, in May. If you want your diploma, then you must submit your application by the following deadlines. If you have outstanding transcripts, test scores, incomplete course work to finish, you’ll want to have that wrapped up at least a month in advance of your graduation date.

Times to Keep in Mind

If you apply late, there will be an additional fee.