Course Schedules
Creighton Campus

A Variety of Different Options for You.

We have a variety of different courses schedules available for you to choose from. Please see below.

Complete Schedule of Courses Offered

To view a comprehensive list of all classes available for a given semester, please visit the Dynamic Schedule page on the NEST.

Evening & Online Courses

The CPS Communicator¬†provides a list of all undergraduate classes available for upcoming terms that are offered in the 8-week format (online and on-campus), as well as all 16-week classes available on-campus after 4PM.

Winter Term

Winter Term allows you to take a 4-week online undergraduate class during winter break. Registration for Winter Term corresponds with Spring Early Registration, typically around Fall Break (October). Please check the NEST during the Spring Early Registration period for classes that will be offered.

Flex Courses

Flex Courses